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Ergo Auction House preview
Ergo Auction House logotype Ergo Auction House

Ergo Auction House is a decentralized auction house, secure and easy to use. A simple way to sell or buy Ergo's tokens, artworks, NFTs, etc.

ERGODEX preview

A non-custodial, decentralised exchange that allows a quick, effortless and secure transfer of liquidity between the Ergo and Cardano networks.

Ergomixer preview
Ergomixer logotype Ergomixer

ErgoMixer is a web application for mixing ergs and tokens based on Ergo platform. ErgoMixer is completely serverless; It only needs to connect to the explorer and a node (any node! no api_key is needed).

Ergo NFTS preview
Ergo NFTS logotype Ergo NFTS

Website to view information on nfts created on the Ergo blockchain.

Ergo Raffle preview
Ergo Raffle logotype Ergo Raffle

Ergo Raffle is an incentivized crowdfunding platform for the community to gather funding for their ideas.

Ergo Utils preview
Ergo Utils logotype Ergo Utils

Ergo Utils is an app that contains different useful functionalities for all users. It is easy to use and supports all wallets. Currently, issuing new tokens and artwork NFTs are supported and more utilities will come to it soon.

Oracle Pools preview
Oracle Pools logotype Oracle Pools

Oracle Pools are a decentralized approach to the Oracle problem with game theoretic incentives baked in to ensure accurate delivery of data to the on-chain world. Ergo Oracle Pools are live and available for use for any DeFi dApp you create with no upfront cost.

SigmaUSD preview
SigmaUSD logotype SigmaUSD

Experience the latest advancements in Stablecoins by buying and selling SigUSD and SigRSV using Ergo and smart contracts. This project is based on the AgeUSD Protocol

Zero-Knowledge Treasury preview
Zero-Knowledge Treasury logotype Zero-Knowledge Treasury

Ergo’s Zero-Knowledge Treasury enables users to easily create joint digital signatures, with bespoke conditions for spending funds, while ensuring the signatories to the created address remain hidden.