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We have a step-by-step guide for non tech-savvy users of how to do the dapp submition. Just user follow the instructions down below. It's really simple. Pro users can jump directly to Sigmaverse's Github repo.

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The fastest way to add your dApp via Github

Get started

Create a Fork of ergoplatform/sigmaverse

For the begining you need to duplicate the project by creating a fork from ergoplatform/sigmaverse.

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Prepare Images

Two image assets are needed - project’s logo and preview images.

Logo Image

Logo Image

The dimensions for logo image should be minimal as 88x88 pixels. The logo asset should be placed in the container with 20px padding on each side. Also, it should have transparent background, so the asset must be exported as in PNG format.

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Get started

For the best image quality experience, image dimensions should be 1560x880 pixels. To preserve image file size, we suggest to export the asset as in JPG file format.

(Optional) To make PNG/JPG assets even smaller size, we encourage to compress it via tinypng.com web app. This way you will help sigmaverse load up even faster!

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Edit and Upload Files

Prepare overview.md file by getting our template one and updating with your dApp’s credential info. Here’s a flow to follow:


Go to applications folder


Look for 1010s folder


Find the overview.md file and press the Copy raw contents button


Using any editing tool (atom, notepad etc), paste the copied info from overview.md file and update with your dApp’s related info: name, description, website, logo image, preview image and category


Save file as overview.md and put in one project folder including logo and preview image assets


Get back to applications folder and click on Upload Files link


Drag-and-drop project files into upload area


Enter your commit title and press Commit changes button


After the commit look for contribute section and press on Open pull request


In Comparing changes page press on Create pull request


Right before a final step, review your info and press on final Create pull request button

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And you're done, congrats!

After your pull request will be reviewed and approved, your dApp will be placed in Sigmaverse platform.

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